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Modern Day Critical Thinker – Lori Frary


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In every podcast, we talk about current events or topics of concern as well as give you some things to think about in a way you maybe haven’t thought about. There are lots of dots floating around and we might connect them differently than you’ve heard before!

Pressure Valve Podcast with Lori and Carolyn – Hey, you got Nanos?

Lori talks with Carolyn, a natural energy healer, and we both agree that everyone and everything has been affected by Nano technology. Both of us have been researching the evolution of the Nano-world for many years. You’ll see why we believe the western-world is...

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Pressure Valve Podcast With Lori Frary and Shit Shooting 101

This episode is a recent interview I did as a guest with Shit Shooting 101 (Joshua Lee) for his website and blog. You can find his other great interview content at Joshua asked me questions about the experiences and opinions I have about...

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Pressure Valve Podcast with Lori and Lynn

Join the discussion between old friends Lori and Lynn about how and why to exit the matrix construct. What are we manifesting? Is it enough to be non-compliant or are we expected to stop this coming reset/4IR before it’s too late to stop it?...

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