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Lori Frary

Frary fits into the old adage of, “Since I was a child I questioned everything.” Especially if it didn’t sound right. So many beliefs are based in myth, repetition and faulty logic. Many times, even things like “Don’t touch this” came with a question, “WHY NOT? That’s not good enough so please explain.”

Always a tenacious person, whenever she heard things like, “Because that’s the way it is!”…she thought maybe there’s a better or easier way.

Today we constantly hear, “The science is settled.” Well, some beliefs aren’t settled in her book. There is always a new way to look at old things! As long as there is room to improve our thinking, to better our discourse or to change our perspective, people like Frary will try to get a better grasp of the world with its problems and doubts.

Lead yourself, educate yourself and question your worldview every step of the way. That’s where creativity and innovation comes from… from each of us.

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