Lori Frary

The Elephant and The Blind Men

Today’s truthers are as different as the parable of “The Elephant and The Blind Men”…each with their own version of what they feel is the truth. How can we bring them all together to imagine the elephant out of all the parts? Until we all see the same animal, we’ll never combine our beliefs in…

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Ignore Distractions & Focus On The Great Reset!

This episode reminds us about all the psychological manipulation we are being subject to and why we need to zoom out to see it. More on the Great Reset and why we need to learn and understand their control plans.

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This is Pressure Valve

Lori Frary with guest co-host, JJ, talk about where we are headed with the “new normal” and the Great Reset plans of the World Economic Forum. We also get into decentralized finance and how the world and US economies are evolving for the future. This content is headed towards a new podcast platform called “Pressure…

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