Do We All Have Nanos In Us?

We jump right into the nanotechnology pond in this broadcast. The Matrix movie was 22 years ago so I know you all remember the “Sentinels”. Do we all have Nanos in us already? Is it go time for transhumanism and how will we handle getting downloads from our technocratic controllers? Well, here’s what we think!

1 comment on “Do We All Have Nanos In Us?

  1. NannyYnez says:

    came to this months after you posted it but I was comforted and affirmed and really enjoyed listening to you whilst I was dusting… much like listening to Surviving The Matrix (Max Igan) has been a comfort and an education so too your voice, advice, podcasts, writings, have been a balm on my wounded soul. Confirmation, affirmation, determination, that’s what I get from you and I am so grateful. <3

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