The Metaverse

What if the life you have now is being systematically destroyed in order to drive you into the Metaverse virtual reality? The more agitated you get, the more likely you are to want to escape into a world you can control, right? Because fighting it is just too much like work.

16 comments on “The Metaverse

  1. Laura koscki says:


    1. Lori Frary says:

      Hi Laura and thanks for your support!

  2. NODZ says:

    Thank you Lori, I am very happy to follow you and comment on your views, and I appreciate your responses to my messages. Our views are totally on the same page, but you add knowledge to my thinking all the time, Thank You.

    1. Lori Frary says:

      Hey Nodz! I always appreciate your input too. Thanks for taking time to listen and comment!

  3. Lynn says:

    My favorite podcast by far and has been for years. I’m always awaiting the new episodes with great anticipation. Lori has a magical way of not only understand what’s happening in the world but seeing the big picture and putting it all together so that we don’t have to. It seems that most people out there have only bits and pieces of the truth out there and they all focus on just one aspect of this giant puzzle. I’m not saying that Lori has all the answers, but she’s much closer to the truth that truly resonates with me, than anyone else.

    1. Lori Frary says:

      Thanks Lynn! You are always there to inspire and prod me to put my thoughts out on the air…or is it 4IR? Much love my friend! Keep that freedom fight going in Gib!

  4. Jim Galiano says:

    I love this. Great job!

  5. Russell Red says:

    Zucker-BORG! lol

    1. Lori Frary says:

      Hey Russell! “I am the ZuckerBorg. Resistance to the Meta is futile. You will be assimilated.”

  6. Carrie Wigal says:

    Thank you so much for putting this out here! I found it informative, encouraging & inspiring, and I will likely listen to it again because of all these things and use it as a springboard. I sincerely appreciate you, Lori and all your work, to include your continual sharing of information. Bless you, my fellow human being, fighting the good fight. 🙂

    1. Lori Frary says:

      Hi Carrie, thanks for your inspiring comment. I’m not used to just talking to my mic since it doesn’t inspire me, so I picture people like you to have a conversation with. I’m glad you enjoyed the content! Bless you in return and keep up the good fight too!

  7. Michael James says:

    Thank you. It’s so refreshing to hear your thoughts out loud on this dystopian nightmare scenario. I don’t feel so alone! …. I see clearly the slow creeping crawl of the “agenda” I must give them credit for the stealth with which they’ve successfully told us everything without causing a stir! …. I think you are spot on with the technology being fed to the younger generations…. we grew up climbing trees, riding bicycles and playing in the streets – I thank God for those memories….. these poor souls are plugged in and see nothing wrong with it! The dumbing down of America set the stage….. It’s tough to talk about these things where I am in “elderly retirement land”….lol….but I stay positive and always jump in when an opening presents itself….thanks again for this very well thought out talk!

    1. Lori Frary says:

      Hi Michael and thanks for your comment. I’m pleased that “my voice” relieves a little of the pall of lonesomeness for a few out there. Most of us have fewer connections to like minds today in the vast void of cyberspace. Like it helps you, it also helps me to know my thoughts help others feel less strange. (wink) See you on facebook, I mean Meta. Maybe one day all us old folks will get wise and go back to climbing trees and playing in the street.

  8. Stormy says:

    What about Fighting against The Fraudclosure Tsunami heading this way in 2022. Have you given up ???

    1. Lori Frary says:

      Hi Storm,
      I never give up, you know that! Call me when you’re ready to talk my friend.

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