Vax Passport, Cryptocurrency & NPC’s

Lori and JJ introduce and welcome Russell Red (@EarthToRussell) to the podcast. Topics include a frank discussion about the vaccine passports, decrypting cryptocurrency and DeFi…as well as how our attitudes and (non)compliance regarding the plandemic affects our relationships with family and friends.

3 comments on “Vax Passport, Cryptocurrency & NPC’s

  1. NannyYnez says:

    it’s been a real comfort to listen to you this evening <3 this is the third one in a row lol , I listened to your latest, then went on to the Nanotech' one and finished with this gem 😀 cleaned and washed-up and cooked and going to sit down and eat dinner now, most satisfied and comforted, thank-you for filling my evening with sense and truth and facts. ॐ Namasté ॐ dear friend, Hold The Line <3

    1. Lori Frary says:

      Thanks for always having kind words of support, Ynez! Love and blessings my friend!

    2. Lori Frary says:

      Way to multitask! I’ll have to write that down on my podcast resume’…great talks for cleaning and chores!
      Cheers! Lori

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