Flat Earth

Pressure Valve Podcast With Lori Frary and Shit Shooting 101

This episode is a recent interview I did as a guest with Shit Shooting 101 (Joshua Lee) for his website and blog. You can find his other great interview content at www.ShitShooting101.com Joshua asked me questions about the experiences and opinions I have about “Flat Earth Conspiracy” and the newer topic of “Simulation Theory”. We…

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Pressure Valve: The US-Russian Chat Edition

Lori Frary chats with Philipp Druzhinin of “Mud Flood” fame on Youtube. We catch up 5 years after he was introduced on the Flat Earth Conspiracy Channel. We discuss current events comparing the US to Russian experience with the “Black Swan” event, the Great Reset, and how it will affect us all. You can find…

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