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The Metaverse

What if the life you have now is being systematically destroyed in order to drive you into the Metaverse virtual reality? The more agitated you get, the more likely you are to want to escape into a world you can control, right? Because fighting it is just too much like work.

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Pressure Valve: The US-Russian Chat Edition

Lori Frary chats with Philipp Druzhinin of “Mud Flood” fame on Youtube. We catch up 5 years after he was introduced on the Flat Earth Conspiracy Channel. We discuss current events comparing the US to Russian experience with the “Black Swan” event, the Great Reset, and how it will affect us all. You can find…

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Do We All Have Nanos In Us?

We jump right into the nanotechnology pond in this broadcast. The Matrix movie was 22 years ago so I know you all remember the “Sentinels”. Do we all have Nanos in us already? Is it go time for transhumanism and how will we handle getting downloads from our technocratic controllers? Well, here’s what we think!

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