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Modern Day Critical Thinker – Lori Frary


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In every podcast, we talk about current events or topics of concern as well as give you some things to think about in a way you maybe haven’t thought about. There are lots of dots floating around and we might connect them differently than you’ve heard before!

What Is Public Enemy No.1? Can We Stop It Together?

Unless we stop getting trapped in distractions and focus on The Great Reset Plan, how can we hope to fracture this public enemy No. 1? This is the most important message I’ve ever published. Can you see the switcheroo? The word “Government” is a...

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Pressure Valve: Lori Frary with Cindy Niles

If you haven’t found Cindy Niles from Australia yet, allow me to introduce you to a brilliant mind, researcher, and dot connector regarding the future plans for the earth and everything in it that THEY have in store for us. No stones left unturned!

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The Metaverse

What if the life you have now is being systematically destroyed in order to drive you into the Metaverse virtual reality? The more agitated you get, the more likely you are to want to escape into a world you can control, right? Because fighting...

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